The A-game: Unleash your agency’s people power

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Agencies are unique businesses. They sell a people-generated 'product' - the creativity and ideas of their team. So their productivity and engagement needs to be high for the 'product quality' to reflect that. Happy people are vital for business success.

Jay talks to culture and leadership expert, Mike Turner, on looking after the greatest asset in your agency, your people. Find out what the best agencies are doing and where they're thriving in terms of employee retention and experience.

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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If you hired younger people, particularly through the pandemic, they are used to working from home and some of them are very comfortable there. I'd describe them as 'institutionalised homeworkers'. But, we have to ask ourselves, is that in their best interests?quote mark

About Mike

Award-winning culture & performance specialist

Mike has 18 years experience helping leaders of marketing agencies and high growth SMEs to measure and build industry leading cultures and employee experience. His mission is to help CEO's and MD’s get as much clarity around their people and culture assets as they do around their financials. Culture may seem intangible, but Mike believes it’s the vital ingredient when it comes to driving and accelerating business performance.

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