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The A-Game

Fuel that Friday feeling with insights to elevate your A-game. Every month, Co-founder of the Agency Works, Jason Neale talks to key players across the commercial, operations and finance space to steal their wisdom.

You can also watch our previous talks on YouTube or listen back on Spotify.

Fri 26th January, 9:30-10am

Less founder, more agency

Daniel de la Cruz, aka DanTheAgencyMan, founder and Chief Learner of Polymensa

Agency Masters

Join our agency management experts for best-practice advice, tips and industry benchmarking. You'll either leave with a smugness that you're doing everything just right, or a sigh of relief that you've spotted room for improvement.

Weds 17th January, 10-10:30am

What the rev rec?!

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Elevate your Synergist knowledge with hands-on examples and live Q&A. If you've missed any, just head to the Training Hub to catch up!

These events are for Synergist users only. If you're interested in learning more about Synergist, please get in touch

Weds 6th December, 10-10:45am

Master your system customisation

Weds 10th January, 10-10:45am

Master your forecasting

Weds 14th February, 10-10:45am

Master your resource management