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Feed your agency appetite with monthly brainfood from our experts. You'll be coming back for seconds, like everybody else...

The A-Game

Fuel that Friday feeling with insights to elevate your A-game. Every month, Co-founder of the Agency Works, Jay Neale talks to key players across the commercial, operations and finance space to steal their wisdom.

You can also watch previous talks here, on YouTube or listen back on Spotify.

Marketing procurement, friend or foe?
Fri 19 July, 9:30-10am

with Tina Fegent, Global Marketing Procurement Officer

Agency Masters

Join our agency management experts for best-practice advice, tips and industry benchmarking. You'll either leave with a smugness that you're doing everything just right, or a sigh of relief that you've spotted room for improvement.

You can also watch previous talks here, or on YouTube.

Synergist Power

Join the Synergist experts as they walkthrough the UK's leading all-in-one agency management system. See it in action and find out why thousands of great agencies choose Synergist.

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Catch up on YouTube.

Power your project delivery
Tue 11 June, 11-11:20am

And exclusively for our lovely client community...

Synergist Masters

Elevate your Synergist knowledge with hands-on examples and live Q&A in our masterclasses. If you've missed any, just head to the Training Hub to catch up!

If you're a newbie, kickstart your Synergist journey with need-to-know system hacks and a live meet 'n' greet. We'll also show you where you can find all our how-tos and agency insights.

Synergist New User Kickstart
Thurs 4 July, 9:30-10am

Agency Work-shops

Get the expert know-how of key players in the agency game, people who’ve been there, done it, and now help others do the same. FREE best-practice.

Making a great first impression with clients
Tue 25 June, 1-2pm

with Trenton Moss, Leadership Coach