The A-game: stop ‘doing’ and start leading

Image for Jay Neale By Jay Neale

How do you cope with those constant management headaches? Team engagement, visibility, delegation and expectations...

Jay talks to Agency Leadership Coach, Kate Waterfall Hill, on channelling impactful leadership, and how to really spend time 'on' your business rather than just 'in' it. Whether you're an aspiring, new or experienced leader, It's hard to avoid getting involved in the everyday chaos that is busy agency life. You're always sacrificing something, somewhere.

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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Being aware of a need for change and then committing to that change are two different things. It's knowing you've got to do something, whether it's about your mindset, your approach, or how you manage your time.quote mark

About Kate

Agency leadership coach

Kate brings 30 years of working in small businesses, leading, managing and coaching others to her coaching practice. She's passionate about helping others reach their potential, gain clarity and have a more positive outlook - and share their inspiration with others. She gets results and clients see transformational change. And does it with a pinch of humour.

Working with corporate clients seeking to elevate performance, achieve growth and enhance engagement through coaching a range of people, from CEO to newly promoted managers, and individuals seeking to invest in their own personal development and fast track their careers.

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