The A-game: Fail to plan, plan to fail

Image for Jay Neale By Jay Neale

If you're committed to success, you need a plan. But what should an achievable agency growth plan look like?

Jay speaks with Jason Blackman about the key things agencies need to think about to plan for growth successfully.

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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If you hire before the curve and the revenue doesn't come in then you've got a problem because your headcount is to heavy for your turnover/revenue. If you hire after the curve, then you've got everybody working really hard and you're burning your team out. It's the question of, am I going for growth or profit?quote mark

About Jason

Agency finance consultant

Jason's been Finance Director for two high-growth agencies and now works as an independent finance consultant for agencies.

A chartered accountant with 20 years post qualification experience and a proven track record in working with the CEO and leadership team delivering growth, efficiency, profitability and working capital improvements in an SME environment. Working with both the owners of the business, non-executive directors and private equity to build a business ready for exit and successfully exiting a profitable business.

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