Last minute Christmas party ideas for your agency

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Christmas party planning season is here. A hugely anticipated time for many, this is where the inside jokes are born, and those unescapable drunken memories made. Only the most supportive colleagues will remind you of that time(s) you spent the night dancing on tables.

As last year the majority of us were locked down and remote, the excitement for a ‘normal’ Christmas bash this year is undeniable. Whilst many agencies have taken their seats back in the studio, some teams are still enjoying, and feel most comfortable, working from home or getting together in an open space. And so, however you plan on celebrating the festive period with your team we’ve got you covered with an array of face-to-face and virtual party ideas to ease the planning stress.

A classic office bash

You can’t go wrong with a simple, end of day get-together in the office/studio. Time for food platters galore, a make-shift bar across the desks, hire a DJ or hand the responsibility over to someone’s Spotify playlist! You could even rent a photobooth and capture the fun with festive props and Christmassy costumes. Without the cost of venue hire or a bar/restaurant tab, you might as well turn the office into a grotto. Did somebody say snow machine?!

A virtual get-together

A safe option for your team, a virtual Christmas party can remain in the calendar no matter what the rest of the year looks like. Virtually Together create online themed experiences to add some magic to your Zoom call, “totally risk free”. You can book a consultation with their Chief Christmas Party Planner to design your perfect event, from boozy experiences to interactive games and creative workshops – the options are limitless. If you want to keep it simple, you can’t beat a virtual Secret Santa, a personalised quiz or heated game of Pictionary using Google’s Jamboard. It’s best to organise a few fun activities or surprises along the way to give the call some direction but, at the end of the day – just like any other party – it’s the people that make it memorable.

Hire a party house

If you’re looking for a go-hard-or-go-home type of do, this one’s for you. Hiring a party house for a night or two is a great way to get everybody together! There’s no messing with venue number limits or herding drunk people to the right place at the right time and you can design your own night. Enjoy your own bar, karaoke or indoor pool and the best bit… no taxi journey or cold walk back to a lonely hotel.

Gin tasting/cocktail making

You don’t have to head to your nearest bar for this one – this party idea can be enjoyed virtually too and would be nicely complemented by a round of tipsy karaoke to add that extra entertainment value. Just order tasting/making kits to everyone’s door and share the fun over a Zoom call with the team. The Little Gin Company give you the option of either a hosted or non-hosted experience, so you can keep an element of structure or let the team loose with the booze! With Mixology, the only ingredient you’ll need to provide is the ice to your five cocktails, oh and there’s a competitive finale with some ‘mystery ingredients’…

Escape rooms

Another that suits both remote and office-based teams as you all work together to crack codes, solve puzzles and overcome mind-boggling tasks either in the comfort of your own home or at your nearest live Escape Rooms (that way you can make a day out of it!). The Virtual Experience Specialists have created a brand-new festive experience for 2021 where you can expect a “high-energy, laughter-filled, festive extravaganza”. ‘Save our Santa’ will see the team lead a mission to save Christmas with Christmas morning only an hour away – no pressure.

A day out in the city

Pop-up ice skating rinks, cosy igloos and Christmas markets are an ideal way to immerse yourself in the festive season! Ice skating is an ideal team building activity, because really there’s nothing quite like propping up a colleague from a fall to show you’re there for them. In London, you can take part in The Crystmas Maze – an expertly designed adventure across the capital, with a mix of physical, mental, skill and mystery challenges. This is an ideal way to get the team out of the office and in an open space with some added sight-seeing benefits. To add to your day of wholesome fun, book a team pub crawl and don your worst Christmas jumpers to complement. Nothing feels Christmassy like squeezing past crowds of shoppers in the cold, heading towards your next pint.

So, however you’re celebrating Christmas in your agency, don’t forget to celebrate your people. Having a big bash isn’t key to great workplace culture, it’s recognising the dedication and hard work of the team that you get to enjoy it with that is the real reward.

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