The A-game: Independent, but not alone

Image for Jay Neale By Jay Neale

Independent agencies are a pioneering force, championing creativity, innovation and agility. But together, they're part of something BIGGER.

Jay talks to Clive Mishon, founder of the Alliance of Independent Agencies - the UK's trade body representing independent agencies and nurturing the people that work in them. Their mantra: People, Purpose and Performance.

Discussing the big challenges independents face and how the Alliance benefits everyone as a better connected community.


Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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I heard that eight percent of people in higher education are looking to have a career in the marketing industry, which is very different from when I came into the industry.quote mark

About Clive

Alliance of Independent Agencies founder

Clive champions independent agencies. Founder Director at Alliance of Independent Agencies: Investor and NED in marketing & communications industry.

Connect with Clive

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