The A-game: Client servicing, an underrated art

Image for Jay Neale By Jay Neale

"Do we even need client services… don’t they just send emails?!!"

The client services role is often misunderstood and sometimes maligned, both internally and externally. Historically, it's not been even considered a profession.

But when you take into account their value in relationship-building, protecting agency reputation and all round involvement in client experience from 'start' to 'finish'… it’s time to change perceptions.

Jay talks to Client Services Coach, Jo Rogers, on what lies behind the art of client services, what skills they really need and her secret sauce to growing accounts.


Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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Someone who is curious and asks questions is going to open up a multitude of doors and will be able to grow clients much more effectively.quote mark

About Jo

Client Services Coach, Bloomstone Consultancy

Empowering agencies to thrive through client growth and retention strategies, consulting, and team training.

With nearly 20 years of hands-on B2B marketing experience both on the agency and client sides, Jo has a deep understanding of what it takes to drive business growth and super charge a client services team.

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