The A-game: Moving up, without messing up

Image for Jay Neale By Jay Neale

Who doesn’t love a promotion? Recognition that you’re really, really good at your role. A creative, copywriting or client services expert, and now… a line manager?!

A move into what’s essentially an entry-level position for someone who’s likely no idea how to support someone else’s career path, having just managed their own. Do they even want to be a line manager? Do they have the skills to do so?

Agencies often fail to give the tools and training behind good line management, a scary thought when frustrations with a ‘bad’ manager is one of the top reasons people leave.

Jay speaks to Agency Ops Consultant, Claire Quansah. With 18 years experience in PR & comms agencies, Claire now helps creative agency leaders achieve quality, consistency and efficiency across their operations.

They discuss typical agency career paths. Does moving up only mean people management? And how do you manage without messing up?

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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Understanding people as individuals and their motivations, can help you to then look at a path that works for them, but again, works for the business as well. quote mark

About Claire

Agency Ops Consultant

Claire is a comms agency pro, with a particular passion for getting things done.

After having led B2C ad B2B campaigns and projects for some of the world’s leading brands and lesser known organisations, Claire understands how to tell a good story.

In her more recent years, Claire's experience has extended to leading agency operations and business development, focusing on improving quality, efficiency and consistency, be that across people management, supplier relationships, or agency processes.

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