The A-game: Earning and learning futures

Image for Jay Neale By Jay Neale

It’s no news that recruitment and retention are a real topic of conversation right now. Agencies are struggling more than ever to find and keep fresh talent.

And the more ‘traditional’, linear career path feels very much a thing of the past. With that, perceptions of apprenticeships only belonging to trades e.g., plumbing, bricklaying have transformed.

Now, for many school leavers, or individuals looking to upskill, being paid to earn and learn... well, what’s better than that?

Jay talks to Sheffield Hallam’s design apprentice leads Peter Macqueen and Joe Hockney, and Far 'n' Beyond's Sam Wood, on the benefits of apprenticeships for agency leaders, and the funding they can take advantage of to develop existing or acquire new staff through apprenticeship opportunities.


Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

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Agencies have had a real struggle, over the last decade, or more, in keeping hold of talent in one breath, and the other side of it, finding the best new talent.quote mark

About Peter

Course Lead & Principal Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University

Peter is a packaging educator, designer & communicator, with an extensive industry track record in sheet material conversion.

Leading the Art & Design Apprenticeship Portfolio within Sheffield Hallam University, helping both companies and apprentices reach their full work based learning potential.

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About Joe

Employer Partnerships Manager at Sheffield Hallam University

Joe help employers to access talent. Specialising in Digital & Creative but also deliver degree apprenticeships in Health, Management, Supply Chain, Food Technology, Packaging, Policing, Engineering, Rail, Surveying, Architecture and Town Planning.

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About Sam

Graphic designer at Far'n'Beyond agency

Sam works in Graphic Design, Print Production & Packaging. Having worked in agency based roles for almost over 10 years.

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