Driving commercial insight and financial understanding

Ed Hudson is the managing director at Create Health, a leading healthcare marketing agency based in Bristol. Fascinated by the opportunities presented by new healthcare technologies, treatments and methods of care, the Create Health team share a passion to progress the world of health.

Ed says, “Like all agencies, we sell expertise and time. Maximising profit comes from how efficiently we use our team’s time and how effectively we manage projects. With plans to scale, we knew these two things would be fundamental to our success.”

“We didn’t have an automated system to collect the right data or insight to drive profitability”.

Our first step was to implement Synergist for Create Health. Ed says, “We knew right away we needed a robust agency management system to help manage our resource and projects effectively and provide insight to help improve performance.”

“Having The Agency Works implement it all for us was really helpful. They made sure we had the basics in place – the right data and solid processes – to underpin our goals. They helped us set up the system to work with our existing agency processes, like how we run our projects and contracts, so we didn’t need to change how we did the things that were working for us,” says Ed.

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The Agency Works helped me simplify our performance levers and provide simple reports to the team to help drive efficiencies and profitability.quote mark

“Straightaway we were managing projects, clients and resources more efficiently. It also provided our account managers with more commercial data. However, they didn’t fully understand which reports to run for the most useful insight or sometimes what the reports were truly telling them. We knew we had room to improve.”

"Now we have the right data and a true understanding of how to interpret the reports, which means we can optimise performance across the business."

The Agency Works helped the team input, track and report on the right data, and with training to analyse and interpret the information, they now understand what the reports are showing them, why things are happening and how to optimise performance across the business.

“Having Jay and the team share their knowledge with our team has been invaluable – even more so because they’re the agency management experts. Working with hundreds of agencies, they’re in the unique position of being in constant contact with senior agency teams. It gives them deep insight and understanding of what works, where to find flaws and which of the levers to pull to put things right – whether that be recovery, utilisation and/or capacity. They understand how agencies really run and make money. For us, being able to benefit from that industry knowledge has been game-changing,” says Ed.

"The Agency Works has shone a light on our commercial data helping us optimise performance and drive profitability."

“Because Jay and the team applied their expertise to our systems, processes, operations and financials, we’ve felt the impact across the entire business. We’re working more efficiently in every department. We spend less time on admin and processes because the system is working properly, and we know how to make it work for us.”

Ed says, “We’re optimising projects better as we’ve simplified the performance levers, giving the client servicing team better metrics and reporting to drive efficiencies. They’re now more commercially focused and making decisions which drive profitability.“

“Ultimately, thanks to The Agency Works, everyone now has the data and commercial insight to optimise performance and drive profitability across the business.”

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