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Invest in your system

Your business continues to evolve and so should the use of Synergist. Investing time on a regular basis will ensure that users keep knowledge up to date and make use of new features available to them.

Initial perceptions, changes in Client needs and turnover of staff may all mean that intended usage of Synergist may have been diluted with users passing on bad habits.

The quality of the data that Synergist produces is driven by the quality of data entered into the system. Ensuring that current business goals are reflected within the structure of your data will allow easier reporting based on current performance indicators.

The Agency Works have the expertise to keep users and your system on the right track. Introducing new users to key concepts or making sure that correct month end procedures are followed will result in more accurate management information. Our extensive programme of cost effective webinars, or remote 1-2-1 training can often be good alternatives to our more bespoke training, completed within your office. Talk to our Client Services Team and see how The Agency Works can assist your Organisation.

Training Modules

The following training modules can be delivered either by group Webinar, by Remote 1-2-1 sessions or Bespoke Onsite sessions. Drawing on the experience of working with a wide range of Organisations throughout the industry the following workshops contain best practice advice together with ‘how to’ instructions.

New User Basics

A good overview, useful as part of a New User induction programme. Covering key concepts within Synergist including:

Month end procedures

Suitable for Finance Users, to clarify recommended month end procedures. Areas covered include:

Managing your team

Suitable for Line Managers or Account Directors to allow visibility of your team’s activities. Including:

Managing New Business

Suitable for Account Managers or those specifically tasked with developing new Business.

Calendar Bookings

This additional module is included as part of your Synergist system. Guidance is useful for a variety of users who interact with Synergist:

System Administration

An overview of the Tools & Settings area within Synergist. This session would suit those users who are tasked with the following:

Maximise Dashboards

A session specifically aimed at ensuring the dashboards within Synergist can be utilized to a maximum benefit. Introduced within the latest version of Synergist , dashboards are auto- populated by activity completed by users e.g. Billing Plans, invoicing or timesheets.

All training modules can be offered in one of the following formats:

Onsite User Training

Bespoke face to face sessions, usually for a minimum of a day. Can be suitable for small groups, hands on workshop for groups of 6-8 users or presentation style for larger groups. The Agency Works will consult with you to customize these sessions for your users. Prices from £795 per day.

Remote Training

Suitable for smaller groups. This method allows users time to prepare or practice between sessions. Tutorials are delivered in bitesize chunks at the point that it is needed rather than during an intensive longer session. Prices from £100 per session.


Generic group webinar sessions for new users, refreshers or expert master classes, available on a monthly basis.

See for our monthly programme.

Sessions from £25 per delegate.

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