Agency Masters: The ‘good’ behind great estimating

Image for Steve Vincent By Steve Vincent

Figuring out how much time a job will take can be a real challenge, especially with an unfamiliar project type, or a new client. Get it wrong and you’ve not got enough time to deliver quality work, which often means unhappy clients, and a stressed studio. Or you’ll end up working for free. Or lose the work.

It’s safe to say estimating matters. And great estimating matters MORE.

This time, our Agency Masters explore:

  • The difference between an estimate and a quote
  • How to actually get your estimating right
  • How to estimate new work
  • The realities of underestimating (and telling clients you’ve done so)
  • How to prevent projects going over budget (with room for amends)

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

quote mark

If you're heading out of scope, don't forget the seven magic words of Karl Sakas. Just ask your client, "would you like an estimate with that?"quote mark

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