Agency Masters: Proper project planning prevents…

Image for Steve Vincent By Steve Vincent

... p*** poor performance, right?!

A clear project plan is essential to keeping things organised and on track. Done right, you'll kick off work with objectives, scope, timelines, milestones, resources and approval plans in place.

Not to mention elevated comms and collaboration across the team. Save time (and the headache) with stop-start progress but with a solid blueprint to achieving success. And happy clients. And a happy team.

This time, our Agency Masters, Steve and Kate, explore:

  • The key steps to effective project planning
  • How to create a realistic schedule
  • More on spotting issues and risks
  • Ways to share your plans with clients
  • How to keep projects (and approvals) on track

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

quote mark

There is a difference between internal estimates, of time and costs, compared to what you externally quote the client. You need to conduct a thorough analysis of your project requirements and potential challenges.quote mark

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