Agency Masters: Get better briefs

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Poor briefs mean frustrated clients, too many amends to comprehend, re-briefs, and ultimately less effective work. Not what anybody was looking for.

And, 73% of agencies don’t believe the briefs they receive are good enough. (Source: BetterBriefs UK).

This time, our Agency Masters explore:

  • Why GOOD briefs are important
  • Who owns the brief? Client or agency?
  • What does an effective briefing process look like? What questions should you be asking?
  • How do you shape your response?
  • How do I turn it into an internal/creative brief?

Keeping it brief, you'll find out:

  • How to avoid wasting time and money

Your 'too-long-didn't-watch' takeaway (TLDW):

quote mark

It’s the client’s job to create the brief, but it isn't just a handover to just go away and deliver. As an agency with experience and expertise, it’s your job to help them shape the brief to make it as strong as possible. To act as a strategic advisor, not just a supplier.  quote mark

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