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Agency Food Barometer – Mind The Gap

We’re excited to share the results from our latest Agency Food Barometer; a survey we run quarterly to understand the current challenges faced across creative sector Agencies.

With the gender pay gap hitting the headlines in recent months, we wanted to get your thoughts on the issue and look into what’s really going on in the creative sector. Click here to download the Agency Food Barometer.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:


Why is there a gender pay gap?

Over a third (37%) of respondents believe that women taking time out of their careers to start a family and look after children is the main reason for the gender pay gap.

30% of respondents said that it’s because women need more flexible working hours.

One in five (20%) believe that women’s skills are less valued than men’s in the workplace.


Improving gender pay gaps

Over four in 10 (43%) think that company policies around pay and remuneration need to be reviewed and new rules and regulations implemented.

More than a quarter agrees that government legislation on equal pay for the same work and experience levels is the best way to close the gender pay gap.

13% of Agency heads think nothing can be done to improve the situation – there will always be a gender pay gap.


Salaries & new horizons

77% of respondents state that when applying for a new role, fair financial remuneration is very important.

An overwhelming 83% claim they would not apply for a job if they knew there was a significant difference between male and female pay for similar roles and levels of experience.


Jay says…

“The message is clear – if agencies want to be the best and recruit and retain the best people, fair and equal pay for all is not a ‘nice to have’ but an essential. Research shows talented employees are more likely to stay in a business if they believe they are being paid fairly. In our survey, eight out of 10 (80%) marketers would consider changing jobs if it meant receiving fairer financial remuneration. As the Government wakes up and smells the coffee by introducing legislative measures to enforce equal play, now is the time for the marketing sector to do its part to ensure fair and equal pay for everyone.”

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