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Why Synergist?

Get total job and project visibility

It’s all about having the essential information available real-time to help you steer, track and manage the business effectively.


Choosing the right system

Your guide to choosing the right project management system.

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The Synergist Experience Wheel

How would you prioritise these ten experiences reported by Synergist users?

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Why Synergist?

Here at The Agency Works we want to help agencies make money and improve their efficiency. With Synergist, you receive more than just a box with the software. We’re with you through every step of the process from understanding how your business works right through to the implementation. Our client services team provide on-going support after the installation of Synergist to ensure that you’re up to date with new features and that you’re receiving the full benefits of the system.

Our clients

“Having only been using Synergist for several weeks, we are already noticing the benefits within our company. We have already spotted areas where time, materials and services have not been allocated to our clients, increasing our projected turnover and profit.”Jason Buttree, Network DM

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  • Synergist case study for Birmingham-based agency Clever Cherry
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  • Synergist case study for Dinosaur
  • Synergist case study of London-based, digital agency, Draw.

What should your
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What should your fee income be?

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