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Hudson Fuggle | London

We spoke to Sue Higgins Finance Director at creative agency Hudson Fuggle about their decision to make the move to Synergist and her experiences of getting the system up and running:

“We’d got to the stage where we’d outgrown our existing time-sheet system.  It was becoming a struggle to get the information we needed to run the business and the decision was made to see what else was out there.  After a period of research and some time spent visiting other agencies to see how they were using Synergist it became apparent that this was the right choice for us – we found the simplicity of the reporting procedures particularly attractive.

“From the beginning it was clear that The Agency Works weren’t just on board to sell us the product and then disappear.  We were immediately impressed by how much they understood about the nitty-gritty of how agencies worked.  It meant that they were able to quickly identify what we needed from the system and were able to focus on how it could benefit the business.

“We were allocated a dedicated project manager, Karen, who worked with us on site.  She spent time scoping out how we worked so that she could advise us on the best way of setting up and then using the system.  Working closely with our studio manager, Kathryn, she mapped out every single process that happens within the studio.  The result was a system that reflects the way we work, and we also ended up with an extremely useful step by step guide to using Synergist that is tailored specifically to us.

“The training was equally robust, split into various sessions for different parts of the business, based on the understanding that each group would use the system slightly differently, from those who would simply be recording time, to those running regular reports and our accounts and new business teams.

“This tailored approach has been key in how smoothly Synergist has been introduced into our business.  The Agency Works team took the time to really get to know us, how we work and what was important to us, making sure that the system was providing exactly the outputs that we needed.

“On a day to day basis we’ve found the support team to be extremely responsive, any teething issues were dealt with very quickly and any other queries handled smoothly and promptly.

“Now, with the system up and running we’re still benefiting from their expertise, in fact we have recently completed a review of the system, working alongside them to look at ways we can make further improvements to the way we work and to identify any new reports that may be useful.

“We’re confident we’re are using the system really well and reaping the benefit in every area of the business, from planning to managing new business. That’s been made possible by the level of support that’s been offered to us every step of the way. The combination of the team’s knowledge of Synergist and the understanding they built up of our agency means we have a system that is adding value across the business.”

For further information on how Synergist can make an impact on your business please contact us or call us on 01455 553 246.

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