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Earl & Thompson | Gloucester

Earl & Thompson is a Gloucestershire-based integrated creative design & marketing agency with a team of eleven and a particular focus on B2B branding and brand development.

The challenge

Says Michelle Earl, MD of the company: “In 2010 we realised that our systems were not keeping pace with the huge changes in the market. Our existing agency management system was both inflexible and fragmented, and we were spending considerable management time on simple admin tasks like invoicing; Management reports were very difficult to create and keeping tabs on individual job expenditure near to impossible.”

“Finding the right system was critical toour future”, said Michelle. “We had a long shopping list of ‘must haves’ and we went to market to find what was available. Usefully, there were quite a number of comments
on Linked-In about agency management software, and we were able to glean a lot of practical information about the systems in everyday use at other agencies.”

The result

“What impressed us most was the simplicity and sheer capability of Synergist”, continued Michelle. “Many of the tasks which had taken weeks in the previous system could be reduced to hours, and the integration of every aspect of agency management into one package would certainly improve productivity and profitability.

“The system allows us to see exactly where we are with every job in terms of profitability and progress, and enables all associated costs, purchase orders and time to be fully analysed and allocated.”

Michelle added, “We chose to install Synergist at the start of our new financial year. The process was amazingly slick and smooth and we were up and running in a very short time with no glitches or errors marring the set up. We trained up two ‘super-users’ to be our internal help desk, but we always had access to the Synergist Helpdesk if needed.

“Finding an off the shelf agency manage- ment solution that fulfilled all our requirements was little short of amazing.”

More comments

Michelle summarised: “In practice Synergist has become the management tool we always needed and dreamed about.

It has handed back responsibility to those people who do the work and em- powered each individual to maintain full control over their own accounts.

“An example of the significant difference made by Synergist is in client invoicing. Previously we would have spent the equivalent of 10 working days just creat- ing the individual client invoices. Today the same job can be completed by one person in less than a day.”

“Synergist has provided levels of ac- curacy and functionality that could not have been envisaged at the outset.”

Further information

For further information on how Synergist can make an impact on your business please contact us or call us on 01455 553 246.

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